Do Your Work

I want to share something with you. A powerful expression and piece of advice that resonates deeply in my spirit. But, before I get to that.... Here’s a ‘Did you know?’ moment: Every Helper - both lay and professional must do his or her own "work." Failing to do your own work will lead to unintended consequences for you and those on the receiving end of your efforts. 

I'm in a season of doing my "work." The process isn't comfortable, but I feel my energy level rising. I hear God more clearly. Peace of mind and piece of mind are being restored. I’m feeling refreshed - confident knowing that I can be present for my clients and the people God has assigned to my care.

Ok, back to the point: Tara-Nicholle Nelson shared this insight that has given me life! “Many who have had childhood traumas and hurts take root find it hard to distinguish between fear and intuition. Trusting your gut is very hard when your gut has been wired into high alert for decades. Sitting still in quiet, even for 5 minutes a day, starts rewiring your nervous system to know that it is ok. And in that stillness, the gap between fear and intuition becomes very clear, very fast.”

Lots of us who are called to minister and help others are ourselves, survivors of childhood traumas - parental death, abuse, accidents, natural disasters, violence. Give yourself the gift of quiet time to reset and care for yourself. And, please, do YOUR work! The world needs us to be in tip-top shape so that we may carry out our God-given assignment.

In my coaching practice, I help Wounded Healers - ministers, counselors, and other professional and lay helpers - to do their work. If YOU are ready to do your work, contact me.

Until next time,

Do your work.