Women Clergy Case Studies


Having raised in the church and active in ministry since adolescence, I was licensed to the Gospel ministry on July 15, 2012 by the Rev. Dr. Kirkland R. Walton at St. Peter Baptist Church in Glen Allen, VA. And, I was ordained on May 20, 2017 by Pastor Aamon R Miller at Swansboro Baptist Church. 

A calling to practical ministry is a gift of God’s grace. Living out the call can be stressful. There is a song that the ‘seasoned saints’ sing, “I’m running for the Lord, and I’m not tired yet.” Well, the truth is a song the that better describes what many women in ministry feel is, “I almost let go!” My unique strength comes from understanding both sides of this coin AND, at the same time, knowing the art and science of building resilience that will protect you from burnout.

I help women just like you overcome the frustration, overwhelm, and compassion fatigue that contribute to burnout. WE will work together to help you develop habits of holistic wellness that will sustain and empower you to live fully in every area of life.

Setting Godly Boundaries

“Melissa” is a 35 year married mother who serves as the Minister of Congregational Care at her church. She is passionate, energetic, and available to everyone who requested her assistance. By the time Melissa reached out to me she was running on empty. Health problems were mounting, she was emotionally drained, her husband felt neglected and increasingly resentful of her availability to church members, she recently discovered that her daughter was being bullied and had been for the past three months. Her well was dry. I immediately recognized that the “calling on my life” compelled her to sacrifice her own wellbeing to help others. I worked with Melissa to complete a comprehensive life satisfaction assessment, which revealed that she living not pursuing those things that she most highly valued in life. Using my signature Resilience Reboot process, I helped Melissa set goals and to build the skills necessary to achieve greater purpose and satisfaction in the areas of her life that were most meaningful for her. Most importantly, I provided her with firm and consistent accountability that enabled her to follow through on her plan, accomplish her goals, and maintain the changes over time. 

When the Minister Needs Deliverance

“Theresa” is a 63-year-old married woman who serves as an associate minister in her church. She has operated in the area of deliverance for over three decades. The evidence of God’s anointing on her life and calling is undeniable. She loves ministry and the people she serves.  Theresa came to me when she could no longer keep a secret that was killing her from the inside. Her husband was abusing her physically, emotionally, and sexually. Theresa was deeply opposed to divorce and believed that her only solution was to walk away from ministry. During the Discovery Session with Theresa, I could tell immediately that she was drowning in shame and embarrassment. Using my signature Resilience Reboot process, I empowered her to define her life worth living by complete a comprehensive life satisfaction assessment. Theresa took one look at the results and determined that it was time to develop a safety and exit plan. I linked her to a women’s crisis service in her local community. In collaboration with the crisis counselor, I helped Theresa identify and implement goals to achieve physical, emotional, and mental wellness. As a result of our work together, Theresa experience renewed vigor for ministry, which she combined with her new passion for advocating for woman in crisis.